The Moon in the Natal Chart symbolizes your roots, the past, and what makes you feel comfortable and secure, on the deepest of levels. It reflects the soul and psyche and is connected to home and family, which includes one’s “inner home” or foundation, built from early experiences and conditioning.

The Moon Placement in the Natal Chart also points to where we can become “stuck,” both emotionally and in our life circumstances.

Your Natal Moon & Get Unstuck Custom Report sheds light on your comfort zone. If you have had very difficult, or traumatic life experiences, you are more likely to cling to comfort and security, due to deep-seated emotions and fears. This report offers strategies or practices, based on your Natal Moon, for releasing fears and attachments that keep you “stuck.”

I write this report through the lens of healing, and letting go of attachments that hold you back from living fully and authentically.

I write each report individually and it will take up to 3 days from the date of purchase.

Price: $75

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