Chiron, the wounded healer, represents where we feel blocked in life, and where our deepest struggles lie. With awareness and wisdom comes the ability to work with our Chiron “wounds,” and even transform them into our greatest gifts.

The hot air balloon symbolizes freedom to me, and a grand perspective, which is what I believe these healing practices can do for us.

Astrology is an art and healing tool that can teach you about yourself and make you more aware of your habits and behavior, enabling growth and the opportunity to make positive changes.


My custom Chiron Report takes into account the Sign and House of your Natal Chiron, as well as any significant Aspects to Chiron in your Natal Chart.

I write this report through the lens of healing, and I offer insight into your healing process from a holistic perspective that often integrates Ayurvedic tools and practices. To learn more about Chiron and how this archetype shows up in your personality and life, read my When Transiting Venus conjuncts your Natal Chiron blog.

Price: $150

Please fill out the Questionnaire below and purchase via the Paypal link. I write each report individually, and it will take up to 3 days to receive your report.

Thank you!

Custom Chiron Report Questionnaire