🤍 🖤 Nicole writes narrative essays about many subjects, including, personal-development and growth, relationships, and family. Her essays have been featured in publications including, Yoga International, Yoga Renew, Breathe Repeat, Coffee & Sweatpants, Diverse Voices Quarterly, and Elephant Journal  🤍 🖤

⭐️ 💛 Nicole specializes in Yoga (AKA purposeful movement) for Emotional Balancing and Healing. Learn more about her:  4-Class Series for Emotional Balancing. ⭐️💛

♡🗝️Nicole’s niche is releasing and moving on from stuff that keeps you stuck. Learn more about her Get Unstuck Course.♡🗝️

💚 🪐Nicole often integrates more than one modality into a counseling session, class, or workshop. Learn about her Custom Report that blends Astrology and Ayurveda. 💚🪐

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