Livestream Yoga Friday 6/21 6-7 pm



This is 60-minute Vinyasa flow class that integrates breath work with meditative and healing movement to help you reconnect to your body and the rhythms of nature (the moon cycles!).

Each part of the Moon Cycle has its own special meaning, for example the Waning Moon period can support you in releasing stuck energy in order to make more space in mind/body and life, while the Waxing Moon can be an optimal time for planting seeds of intention and creating in the world.

During The Full Moon energy and emotions tend to accumulate and come to the surface, making it the perfect time to move in a “water-y”/flow-y way, to breathe through and feel emotions (“I feel it all”) and then shed any pent up ones.

The Sign the Moon is in also provides insight into the emotional tenor of the time, for example when the Moon is in Scorpio it may feel natural to be more introspective and to focus on healing, whereas when the moon is in Sagittarius you may want to move in a more explorative way.

*Come breathe and flow with me – every Full Moon. A Zoom link will be sent prior to the start of class.